New Development Spotlight | Oakridge in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Showcasing the height of new luxury construction in some of the world’s most sought after locations, let’s explore an exclusive new development from our worldwide network.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Winston ChanSotheby’s International Realty Canada

Designated as Vancouver’s new town centre, Oakridge will be a cultural hub and a micro-city, comprising 2,600 homes for 6,000 residents; nearly half a million square feet of workspace for over 3000 creative economy workers; a million square feet of retail, including 100,000 sf of curated culinary experiences that capture the diversity of a multicultural global city; a 10-acre city park; one of the city’s largest community centres and daycares; a public library; a world-renowned performing arts academy; multiple live music venues and numerous performance spaces within the shopping centre and park. Upon completion we anticipate Oakridge will attract over 42 million visitors a year.

The Park

At nearly 10 acres, the park will form the connective tissue of Oakridge, uniting all programs and user groups across the site, while weaving nature into the lives of residents and visitors. The Oakridge park will be accessible, with convenient paths connecting access points and major destinations, such as the Community Centre. The park is comprised of six interconnected spaces, each with their own identity: the Community Centre Park, the Woodlands, Meadow Gardens, Pocket Park, Upper Green and the Commons.


Oakridge will be home to one of the largest geo-exchange systems in Canada. The closed loop geo-exchange field and waste heat recovery system will accommodate Oakridge’s population, reducing their environmental footprint as well as the overall project’s while making use of the project’s convenient proximity to thermal energy. This system will reduce GHG emissions by nearly 70% which is the equivalent of removing 1,325 cars from the road.


The developers have a longstanding commitment to live music – the essential, personal performance that goes beyond passive entertainment. They believe music has the ability to both inspire and contribute to our wellbeing. With a combined six indoor and outdoor live-music venues, Oakridge performance spaces will rival those in any of the world’s cultural hubs.

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