Brickell House Tower Awarded Over $72 Million in Robotic Parking Lawsuit

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April 20, 2021 by Jacki Taylor

Brickell House Aerial View

All eyes on are on Brickell House condominium tower after years of fighting a parking garage battle! More than 6 years in the making, owners were reporting issues with the robotic parking systems operated by Boomerang Parking.

Brickell House Condos Miami

In 2015, Boomerang Parking filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee demanded that Brickell House Condominium Association pay $100,000 immediately as well as $50,000 per month for continued service to the building, or the unit owners would not be allowed to use the parking systems. At that time, Brickell House was able to secure valet parking for the unit owners in neighboring buildings.

Flash forward to 2016, the Brickell House Condo Association sued the developer on behalf of the owners in preparation to replace the robotic parking garage.

Brickell House Balcony View

In 2017, the condo association interviewed potential motorized parking companies and landed on an agreement with Unitronics Automation Solutions, a company that has 30+ years of history in the market! The transition for this parking system took 2-4 years to complete on all floors.

As of 2020, the Brickell House Condo Association received an award of over $40 million by a Miami-Dade County Judge from the development group, BrickellHouseHoldings. This amount was in addition to a $32 million settlement that the association was also awarded by the elevator’s insurer, the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.

Brickell House Pool View

The representatives of the Development Group, Ron Lowy of Lowy & Cook PA, stated they plan on appealing the judge’s ruling.

Ron Lowy of Lowy & Cook PA, who represents the development group states, “the insurance has already paid the condo association $32 million over a year ago. After being paid this money, the association failed to repair the garage, and instead sued the developer for the same replacement garage that the insurance already paid the association for. The jury award provides the association with over $72 million for what the jury determined was only a $40 million loss.”

According to The Real Deal, this payout on a lawsuit is one of the largest Florida has ever seen.

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